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The Charles Paddock Zoo

The Charles Paddock Zoo is home to hundreds of animal species from around the world. Many of the zoo residents are part of globally managed programs to preserve animals and their habitats. The Charles Paddock Zoo is truly dedicated to the conservation of local and exotic species. If you want to engage with some of the rarest animals in the world in a safe and respectful environment then you will surely want to visit our Zoo. We have so much to offer, including: camps, classes, birthday parties and more!

Ring Tailed Lemur

No matter the size, your gift makes a difference! With your help the Charles Paddock Zoo will continue to flourish and provide the valuable cultural asset the Zoo is to our community.

Our precious animals need your support. This is your opportunity to friend one of our animals. Your donation is good for one year.

Volunteers are the heart of our Zoo and have always played dominant roles throughout its history. Volunteers for our education programs, events, or office support.

Ring Tailed Lemur
Sat, Apr 20
10am - 3pm
Party for the Planet
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Sun, May 12
10pm - 2pm
Celebrate Moms at the Charles Paddock Zoo
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