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All proceeds from sales of the items below go to the Zoo and it's animals. We appreciate your support.

Menderu is 15!

Menderu is 15!

CPZ's beautiful Malayan Tiger turned 15 years old and we are celebrating with a special, limited edition, commemorative t-shirt/hoodie design. What's better than celebrating Menderu by wearing your love for him?

Fun Fact: Menderu means "Roar" in Malaysia 

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Virtual Meet and Greet

Virtual Meet and Greet

Meet your favorite animal, up and close, from the comfort of your home. Join one of our knowledgeble zookeepers as they take you inside some of the most amazing species' habitats. 

Choose between a 15min ($50) or a 30min ($100) program with any one of the following animals:

- Aldabra Tortoises

- Marmosets

- Red Pandas (30 minutes only)

- Macaws

- Ball Python

- Hedgehog

- Bird Eating Tarantula (15 minutes only)

- Madagascar Hissing Cockroach (15 minutes only)

- Prehensile Tailed Porcupine (15 minutes only)

To book your program, please click on the link below (after payment is processed, you will be contacted by the email provided within 24hrs). 

Length of Presentation
Choice of Animal


Please note that some dates/times may not be available. We will do our best to accomodate your choice of date/time but, please note that very specific dates/times might be hard to accomodate. All programs are held on ZOOM platform and you must have a device with the program installed in order to participate. For additional information, please contact us at:


These Are My Friends Apparel

These Are My Friends Apparel

This adorable print features six species housed here at the Charles Paddock Zoo: tamandua; aldabra tortoise; hornbill; duiker; tiger and red panda. 

Choose from different colors, sizes and styles! 

Show everyone who your friends are.

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Sloth - We've Got This

Sloth - We've Got This

This fundraising campaign was set up with the goal of continuing to raise funds to honor Jake's life in the form of a sloth habitat at the Charles Paddock Zoo. An animal lover, Jake grew up enjoying zoo trips with his parents and little sister. While in college, he developed a love for sloths. His family had agreed to take him to Costa Rica after he graduated so he would get to see sloths in the wild. Unfortunately, Jake unexpectedly passed away before that. By supporting this campaign, you are supporting the Corgiat family in keeping their son's memory alive.

(Jake used to always say "We've got this" and that's incorporated in this design... it also happens to be very fitting for humans facing 2020's challenges).

To purchase, please go to: