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The Friends of the Charles Paddock Zoo is an all volunteer run 501c3 non-profit (donations are tax deductible). Our goal is to support conservation and education projects as well as helping zoo's staff continue to offer excellence in animal care.   Your donation is crucial to the continuation of the zoo's improvement and the completion of it's masterplan. No amount is too small and all donations goes to the zoo and its animals. We appreciate your support.

Jake Corgiat Memorial Sloth Habitat

We are humbled by the opportunity to honor Jake's life. Jake grew up visiting the zoo and building memories with his family while enjoying the animals. Through the years, he developed a passion for sloths. After unexpectedly loosing him, his family would like to honor his life and keep his memory alive by bringing sloths back to the Charles Paddock Zoo. We are honored to be able to help such an amazing family in honoring the life of their beloved Jake.  To make a donation, please visit:

or donate here: 

In Loving Memory of Bradyn Bronkowski

On May 5th, 2020 our beloved intern, Bradyn went to heaven. Bradyn started her carreer at CPZ at the young age of 16 and always came to work with a smile on her face, determination in her mind and kindness in her heart. Her love for animals was a driving force that kept pushing her to follow her dreams. Animals head a healing power on her and she gave back to them tirelessly, caring for her animals at home and here at the Zoo. As a way to honor Bradyn's life and continue on with the work she wasn't able to finish, we at the Zoo, along with her family, will honor her by building a new Lemur habitat. The gap left in our hearts by Bradyn's sudden passing will never be filled but we will honor her amazing life in our actions and continue to care for all animals, as we know she would have wanted nothing less. 

Bradyn's family is raising funds to add a new Lemur exhibit for the Charles Paddock Zoo. To help them achieve their goal, please go to:


You Will Never be Forgotten...

"They say sometimes people come into your life and change you... Bradyn did that. She changed my mood when she came into work, always with a smile on her face, determination in her mind and kindness in her heart. Even if she felt pain emotionally and physically, she was always ready to start her day and put that aside to focus on the animals and tasks in hand... I would watch her lean on counters or wheel herself around and know she was hurting but she never let it show... she'd just smile and say "what else can I do for you guys?". After being around her, I would find myself thinking: If Bradyn can do what she does, what am I complaining about? I'd constantly find myself telling people about this awesome girl I work with who lets nothing get in her way. I'd find myself smiling and focosing on the task at hand and amazing animals around me... that's what Bradyn did for me... she changed me. She made me happier, stronger and focused and I will never forget the lesson I learned from her." - Zookeeper Crystal

"What I remember the most about Bradyn is that she wanted to seize the day. No matter how rough a time she was going through, she always put on a smile and pushed forward. She was such an inspiration and a joy to be around." - Zookeeper Rebecca

"Bradyn was one of my favorite people, she was always friendly, and so sweet, always with a smile on her face. Both the animals and the staff adored her. I always looked forward to coming to work on the days I knew whe would be in. She was an incredible human being and the world has lost a bright ray of light." - Zookeeper Katie

"We all knew how much working at the zoo meant to Bradyn. But what most people don't know is how much having Bradyn here meant to us. From the first time we saw her, we knew she was special and she proved us right through her kindness, pure love for the animals and strenght to conquer obstacles that most adults wouldn't be able to even attempt to overcome. I will forever miss Bradyn but I'll always remember her grace and smile." - Zookeeper Flavia

"Bradyn was one of the few truly kind and gentle souls I have met. It was a joy to be able to provide experiences that enhanced her desire for learning. What a great gift she gave us by sharing her enthusiasm and spirit. Thank you, Bradyn. You will be missed and remembered."   - Zookeeper Steve


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