Red-Legged Seriema
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Red-Legged Seriema

The Red Legged Seriema is an unusual bird, found in South America. They are also referred to as the ‘Crested Seriema’ due to the large crest of feathers on their head.
The Seriema is famous for its unique way of killing its prey. When killing a large prey item, such as a snake, they will pick it up in their beak and forcefully throw it at the ground, until it is stunned or dead.

Red-Legged Seriema

Fun Facts

  • The Red-legged Seriema prefers walking to flying. Seriemas will run from threats to up to 15 miles per hour before finally taking flight.
  • They are one of few birds to have eyelashes!
  • Farmers will often keep them as "guard dogs" to protect their animals from predators.
  • These birds like to sunbathe, lying on their side, looking a bit like they are dead.
Red-Legged Seriema

About Fernando & Sara

Fernando was born in 2015 and arrived at CPZ from St. Louis Zoo in 2016, quickly becoming a favorite among the zookeepers due to his calm and curious personality.
Sara was born in 1996 and arrived at CPZ from the Toronto Zoo in 2018 to serve as a companion to Fernando. Although they encountered some bumps in the beginning of their relationship, the two of them get along very well nowadays.
Their favorite toys are rubber snakes and you might see them throwing one around with their beaks then running and pecking at it. It is very funny to watch.

Conservation Status:
Least Concern
Extinct Threatened Least
Red-Legged Seriema

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