Reptile Conservation Center

The Charles Paddock Zoo proudly supports the conservation of several species of turtles and tortoises. Most of these species are maintained off-exhibit due to their shy/seclusive nature. The Reptile Conservation Center allows staff to monitor each and every one of these species closely and learn more about the natural history, nutrition and behavior of each individual. Due to the rarity of some of these species, little is known about them and, through this work, we are able to find valuable information that will help other zoos and conservation institutions. The center also holds breeding pairs of some species in the hopes to increase the number of animals under human care with the goal of, someday, repopulating their natural habitats.

Currently, the following species are housed in CPZ’s Reptile Conservation Center:


Asian Leaf Turtle, off exhibit
Asian Yellow Pond Turtle, off exhibit
Bell’s Hingeback Tortoise, off exhibit
Common Snapping Turtle, off exhibit
Pan’s Box Turtle
Serrated Forest Hingeback Tortoise, off exhibit
Southeast Asian Box Turtle, off exhibit
Spiny Hill Turtle, off exhibit
Vietnamese Pond Turtle, off exhibit
White-lipped mud Turtle, off exhibit
Yellow-margined Box Turtle, off exhibit

European Pond Turtle, off exhibit
Giant Asian Pond Turtle, off exhibit

Park Hours

Open 7 days a week
April 1 st – October 31 st:
10:00 am to 5:00 pm

November 1 st – March 31 st:
10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

Admission Prices

Adults 13 & over: $10.00

Children 5 to 12: $8.00

Children 3 to 4: $5.00

Seniors 65+: $9.00

Children 2 years & under — FREE

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