Giant Asian Pond Turtle


giant-asian-pond-turtleThe Giant Asian Pond Turtle is among the largest hard-shelled, semi-aquatic Asian turtles. This turtle has strong limbs and webbed toes so that it can swim in water or walk on land with great ease. The Asian Pond turtle has a characteristic light-orange/yellow head and its shell is grey-brown. Though these turtles are protected by Vietnamese law, their numbers continue to dwindle. Their habitat is also threatened by drainage and pollution.

Conservation Status: Vulnerable
Vulnerable - VN

giant-asian-pond-turtle Giant_Asian_Pond_Turtle-560 giant-asian-turtle

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Here are a few fun facts:

  • Primarily eats plant matter, but also helps control aquatic insect, worm, and mollusk populations.
  • Young Giant Asian Pond Turtles provide food for monitors and wading birds.
  • Also eats fruit on land.

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