European Pond Turtle


European pond turtle1In general European pond turtles measure 13 up to 23 cm. Females tend to be larger than males, northern sub-species larger than those found in the south. Although the appearance varies over its large range, the European pond turtle is usually easily identifiable by the bright yellow or gold speckling on the dark (olive, brown or black) carapace and skin of many juveniles and adults.

The species hunts underwater for fish, amphibians, tadpoles, worms, molluscs, crustaceans and aquatic insects, as well as foraging for the occasional plant. The diverse climatic conditions of its extensive distribution mean that, in the northern parts of its range, this turtle is forced to hibernate for long periods during the cold winter months, while in warmer, more southerly areas, it often to the contrary aestivates to escape the summer’s heat.

Conservation Status: Near Threatened
Near Threatened

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Here are a few fun facts:

  • In the winter, the female turtle may enter the water only once a week or so to drink and take a short swim.
  • The color of the male’s iris varies from red, brownish-yellow and yellow to pure white, while the eyes of females are generally yellow, occasionally white.
  • Although the European pond turtle will bask on the shore or on floating logs/emerging objects during the day, this shy species will dive back into the water if disturbed

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