Rock Hyrax

Rock Hyrax

Rock HyraxThe rock hyrax or Cape hyrax is one of the four living species of the order Hyracoidea, and the only living species in the genus Procavia. Like all hyraxes, it is a medium-sized (~4 kg) terrestrial mammal, superficially resembling a guinea pig with short ears and tail. The closest living relatives to hyraxes are the modern day elephants and sirenians. The rock hyrax is found across Africa and the Middle East, in habitats with rock crevices in which to escape from predators. Hyraxes typically live in groups of 10–80 animals, and forage as a group. Their most striking behaviour is the use of sentries: one or more animals take up position on a vantage point and issue alarm calls on the approach of predators.

Conservation Status: Least Concern
Least Concern - LC

Rock Hyrax

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Here are a few fun facts:

  • The Rock Hyrax is a very sociable animal, living together in colonies of up to 50 individuals.
  • Rock Hyraxes make a variety of noises including whistles and shrieks to communicate both within the group, and with other colonies in the area, with the male sounding the specific alarm call if a predator is spotted nearby.
  • They spend the majority of their lives sunbathing on the rocks to warm up, before going off on short foraging trips, rarely far from the entrance to their home.

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