Red River Hogs

Red River Hog

Red River Hog1xThe red river hog, also known as the bush pig (but not to be confused with P. larvatus, common name “bushpig”), is a wild member of the pig family living in Africa, with most of its distribution in the Guinean and Congolian forests. It is rarely seen away from rainforests, and generally prefers areas near rivers or swamps.

Red river hogs eat grasses, berries, roots, insects, molluscs, small vertebrates and carrion, and are capable of causing damage to plantations. They typically live in herds of six to 20 members led by a dominant boar, with sows rearing three to six piglets at a time.

Conservation Status: Least Concern
Least Concern - LC

Red River Hog-b Red River Hog-a Red River Hog -c

Here are a few fun facts:

  • Red river hogs will live in a variety of habitats as long as there is dense vegetation.
  • Red river hogs are quite social and tend to live in small groups of eleven to fifteen individuals with 3-6 individuals comprising a typical family unit. Each family unit is headed by a dominant boar and usually contains one female and offspring.
  • When the piglets are frightened they will crouch and “play possum”.
  • Red river hogs will often blow their breath on each other as a form of greeting.

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