Long Tailed Chinchilla

Long Tailed Chinchilla

Long Tailed Chinchilla-1Chinchillas are best known for their plush, dense silky fur which has been highly prized by humans since the time of the ancient Incas. Some long-tailed chinchillas were brought into captivity in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century and today millions of their descendents are bred commercially throughout the world. However, wild populations have been decimated by hunting and subsequent trade in their pelts.

Conservation Status:
Critically Endangered
Critically Endangered - CR

Long Tailed Chinchilla Long Tailed Chinchilla-1

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Here are a few fun facts:

  • Chinchillas are most active at dawn and dusk and during the night, although they have occasionally been observed outside of their holes on sunny days.
  • Chinchillas are social animals, mostly living in colonies in burrows or tunnels.
  • Chinchillas have no parasites and no perceptible body odor; they are considered to be very clean animals.

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