Hoffmans Two Toed Sloth

Two Toed Sloth

Two Toed Sloth-1The Hoffman’s two-toed sloth weighs 12 pounds, on average, and can reach 27 inches in length. This small mammal has grayish-brown fur, with a pale face; the sloth’s hair often appears green due to the growth of a symbiotic algae.

Named for its slow movement, the Hoffman’s two-toed sloth spends nearly all of its time upside down in the treetops. The species eats, sleeps and even gives birth while hanging from its claws. The two-toed sloth is nocturnal, feeding at night on leaves and fruits.

Conservation Status: Least Concern
Least Concern - LC

Two Toed Sloth Two Toed Sloth-1

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Here are a few fun facts:

  • Large, hooked claws help the species hang from the treetops of its home.
  • Sloths even sleep in trees, and they sleep a lot—some 15 to 20 hours every day!
  • At night they eat leaves, shoots, and fruit from the trees and get almost all of their water from juicy plants.

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