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Zoo Animal Reports

There are several ways to use this activity with your children. Some suggestions are:

- Take a copy (or several copies) to your next zoo trip. Have kids choose an animal and fill the report based on what they learned at the zoo by observing the animal, reading the graphics and/or talking to zookeepers;

- Extend your zoo trip fun at home by having kids fill reports based on what they learned after a trip to the zoo; 

- Watch one of our Zookeeper talks on Facebook and have kids fill out the report based on what it was learned. 

- Research different species on our website and fill out reports based on the information you learned.

/files/Zoo Animal Report.pdf

Zookeeper Pen Pal

Get your curious little one a Zookeeper Pen Pal. Through this program, your child will send letters to CPZ's zookeepers and receive letters from them. This will encourage children to write and read while learning some amazing facts about the animal world. 


Single letter exchange: US$15

Letter exchange for 1 year: US$60 (includes at least 4 letters from zookeepers)

Classroom letter exchange: US$100 (each child in the classroom may send one letter and will receive one letter during the school year)