White Ibis



A wading bird of the deep South, the striking White Ibis is frequently seen on lawns looking for large insects as well as probing for prey along the shoreline. The white ibis about 2 feet tall and has a wingspan of about 3 feet. It is entirely white, except for its black-edged wings. Its blacked tipped wings may not be noticeable when the ibis is at rest, but they are easily seen when the ibis is in flight.

The white ibis can be found on the Atlantic Coast from Virginia south to Florida and along the Gulf Coast west to Texas. It is also found in Mexico and Central America. The white ibis lives in a variety of coastal freshwater, saltwater and brackish marshes, rice fields, mudflats, mangrove swamps and lagoons. The white ibis nests and feeds in large groups. Nesting colonies may include thousands of birds. The white ibis will fly up to 15 miles a day in search of food.

Conservation Status: Least Concern
Least Concern - LC


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Here are a few fun facts:

  • It uses its long, curved bill to probe in the mud for crabs and crayfish. It swallows its prey whole.
  • It also forages for food on land, and may also eat insects, frogs, snails, marine worms, snakes, & small fish.
  • Other wading birds often follow behind the White Ibis and catch prey that’s been disturbed by its probing!

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