Ringed Teal


DSCN0505-400Ringed Teal, typical of wood ducks, have beautiful iridescent greenish plumage patterns, especially on the wings. They may be distinguished by a white patch in front of the green speculum. The males have a finely speckled, pinkish breast and a buff colored head with a black posterior border. This border comes forward around the base of the neck to form an incomplete ring. There is no eclipse plumage. The legs are light pink, the slender bill bluish grey and the eyes brown.

The ringed teal have fairly long toes and strong, sharp toe-nails, the better to sit un-duck-like in trees. The webbed feet support the bird on mud and floating vegetation and, of course, allow for easier swimming. Surface feeding ducks are differentiated from diving ducks, but that does not mean that surface ducks do not dive. They can and do, especially to escape predators. If they do dive, however, they seldom go below four feet.

Ringed Teal are “puddle ducks,” surface feeding ducks also known as dabblers. Dabblers obtain their food by up-ending, immersing the head, neck and front of the body under water with the tail in the air. They maintain this position with foot action, grazing on submerged bottom plants. Dabbling is also known as puddling.

Conservation Status: Least Concern
Least Concern - LC


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Here are a few fun facts:

  • While swimming, they hold their tail horizontally so it does not touch the surface of the water.
  • Like all wood ducks, the ringed teal’s gait is peculiar, giving the effect of limping because they nod on only every other step.
  • Wood ducks are more secretive than other puddle ducks and pair-bonds are stronger, though not necessarily life-long.

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