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Barnyard (Farm) animals are any breed or population of animal kept by humans in a farm or ranch setting, often for a useful, self-sustainable or commercial purpose. Farm animals include a variety of commonly known animals such as:  horses, pigs, ducks, sheep, cows, geese, goats, bulls and oxen, but can also include more exotic animals such as llama, alpaca, ostrich, emu, and others.

Bourbon Red TurkeyRaising Farm Animals

Depending on the type of animals, raising farm animals can be a lot of work. Most people will tell you that raising farm animals is both exciting and challenging. The main activities involved are:  sheltering, feeding and ensuring the safety and health of the animals. The more animals you have, the greater the responsibility and the larger the workload.




Why Do We Need Farm Animals?Huacya Alpaca

Farm animals are a main part of many farms and have been so for thousands of years, but their uses within farming can vary. Some farm animals are simply kept and bred for food for the farm family or a food production business, while other animals contribute to the production of the farm through contributing their milk or coats (like sheep’s wool for example). Still other farm animals may assist farmers with running their farm operation (like an oxen or horse that pulls a plow to furrow a field for planting crops).

A Simple Kind of Life

Some famous stories have been written about farm animals including Charlotte’s Web.

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