Scarlet Macaw
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Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet macaws live in Southern Mexico, Central America, and in South America to the east of the Andes and as far south as Argentina.
These birds are known to move in mated pairs during the daytime, but sleep in large flocks at night. The females spend their time incubating the eggs, while males spend the day bringing back food for the mother, and eventually, the chicks.

Fun Facts

  • The scarlet macaw’s powerful black beak is designed to crush or open even the hardest nuts and seeds. In fact, its beak is powerful enough to snap a broomstick in half! Strong toes give macaws a good grip on perches and also come in handy for "holding" favorite foods, like nuts, fruits and bugs.

About Meta

Meta was born in 1992 and arrived at CPZ in 2009. She is know for her "don't mess with me" personality exhibiting a nice demeanor until zookeepers ask her to do something she doesn't want to.

Conservation Status:
Least Concern
Extinct Threatened Least

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