Ring Necked Parakeet
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Ring Necked Parakeet

Though moderately small in size, Ring-necked Parakeets are big talkers that love to show off. Highly intelligent, they can be taught to speak, whistle, mimic other sounds, perform tricks, and more. What makes them unique isn’t simply their ability to speak, but their ability to speak with outstanding clarity.

They have a life span of up to 25 years. Ring-necked Parakeets have a tendency to be very vocal and quite loud. These magnificent birds mature to about 16″ in length, largely due to the length of their tail feathers. These elaborate tails can extend up to 7″ outward, females usually 6″ outward.

The standard plumage of these elegant, beautiful birds is green, although many other variations, like Lutino (yellow), albino, and blue exist also. The male has a black neck ring with pink and pale blue outer rings. The female’s rings are generally very pale and more difficult to see.

Fun Facts

  • In the wild, this is a noisy species with an unmistakable squawking call.
  • Wild flocks also fly several miles to forage in farmlands and orchards causing extensive damage.
  • Both males and females have the ability to mimic human speech. First it listens to its surroundings, and then it copies the voice of the human speaker.

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