Crested Screamer
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Crested Screamer

Screamers are well named: their distinctive call is among the loudest of any bird. These are large goose-like birds that spend a good deal of their lives in or around fresh water. They feed on the seeds and succulent leaves of water plants.

Unlike most waterfowl, screamers don’t have webbed feet. Instead, they have long toes that help them grasp vegetation while they wade through their watery habitat. They can swim well, but are also able to walk on dense mats of floating plants.

Crested screamers are non-migratory birds and remain all year in their breeding area. Outside of breeding season, they are even-tempered, gregarious birds. They live in flocks that circle the skies in the evening, calling loudly.

Fun Facts

  • Habitats include freshwater locales, such as tropical and sub-tropical wetlands, including lakes, marshes, flooded grasslands and lagoons.
  • The body shape and size of crested screamers resemble that of a goose or turkey.
  • Unlike some species of waterfowl, they don’t filter their food. Instead, they eat a variety of vegetation, such as the grasses, stems, seeds, berries and leaves of several different kinds of plants. They also occasionally eat insects and small animals.

About Our Screamers

You may see this species in the Flamingo Habitat.

Conservation Status:
Least Concern
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Crested Screamer

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