Blue and Gold Macaw
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Blue and Gold Macaw

Blue and Gold Macaws are what many people think of when they hear the word “parrot”. These South American Creatures are well known for their amazing coloration and parrot talking ability. Their large size makes them all the more impressive. They are playful, comical, mischievous, extremely intelligent, and often very warm and loving. In captivity, Macaws tend to form very strong bonds with their owners and are prized companions to those who have successfully bonded with their birds. They have a well-deserved reputation as a relatively calm bird, which has been equated to the Golden Retriever of the parrot family.

The Blue and Gold Macaw is a native resident of a vast region in South America. They are generally forest and rainforest birds in their natural setting.

Fun Facts

  • They feed in the top of forest canopies and usually stay in pairs.
  • Macaws are one group of parrots that are big on what is called “flock calling”. In other words, they scream really loud in order to find their friends!
  • The parrot talking skills of this bird are pretty good. Most macaws will pick up a handful of words even without proper training.

About Fiasco

Fiasco was born in 1990 and has been at the zoo since he was 2 years old!
Fiasco is known for his larger-than-life-personality and his over-the-top "laughter".

Conservation Status:
Least Concern
Extinct Threatened Least
Blue and Gold Macaw

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