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Blood Python

The Sumatra Blood Python gets its name from the blood red color that washes over its skin. They are also dusted in light yellows and oranges and have thick bodies, perfect for constricting.

A snake of medium length with huge girth relative to its length. The head is long and broad and distinctly wider than the neck. The anterior half of the body appears to us as pale with dark pattern, while the posterior appears as dark with pale pattern.

The Sumatra Blood Python, in the wild, can be found in the vast rice fields and plains of Sumatra, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. They aren’t rare animals and can be found frequently in the wild if you look in the right places. They are good hunters, feeding on mice and rats and rabbits and all number of small mammals in the rice fields and grasslands of Sumatra.

Sumatra Blood Pythons do have variable temperaments however; while some can be quite calm and docile, others are high-strung, nervous, and quick to bite.

Blood Python

Fun Facts

  • Wild pythons living near human settlements are more likely to be regarded as dangerous pests than as exotic pets, but some are raised and bred tend to be more docile.
  • Sumatran Blood Pythons are large snakes – growing to an average of six feet long and topping off at around nine feet.
  • A blood python living in its natural habitat will spend most of its time underwater.
Blood Python

About Our Python

Our Blood Python came to CPZ in 2008 from Animal Control due to a confiscation. Although thin and dehydrated, our staff was able to provide the best care for this snake who now is thriving. This handsome boy, like most snakes, spends the majority of the day curled up in his favorite corner but becomes active during feeding time.

Conservation Status:
Least Concern
Extinct Threatened Least
Blood Python

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